Digital Marketing In 2020

In this video, Sarmad Ali Abbasi (CEO at Optimal Creations) will share his personal experience as a digital marketer. also he will elaborate some of the most important elements of digital marketing in Pakistan.

HR Consultancy for your Business | Optimal Creations Digital Marketing Agency

How a Successful NGO Works in Pakistan | Podcast with Kassim Shroff (CEO of Meal Donate)

In this podcast, We will have a discussion with Kassim Shroff (Owner of Meal Donate) related to his welfare and the process of running an NGO like Meal Donate in Pakistan.

In conversation with Mr. Murtaza Jafry | Psychologist

In this live podcast, we go up close and personal with Mr. Murtaza Jafry (Psychologist) where we discuss with him the psychological and mental issues in general. We also discuss the strategies needed to effectively tackle the psychological impact of the current world crisis on people.