Article Writing To Promote Your Business

Writing is a passion that you can pursue as a hobby, a career, or both. Writing can take many forms, but in essence, it is the purpose and context that matter. The massive surge of internet traffic post-COVID-19 has not only increased E-commerce but also the number of people who like to read online. This is a good opportunity to create a blog where you can write articles to promote your business. You can either create your own blog or write articles for other publications on the internet, such as online magazines and newsletters.

These articles will not only introduce your products and services to the readers but will also reinforce their selling points. The purpose is to persuade the reader to make a purchase and also recommend the product to others. With the availability of the internet, information is only a mouse click away. Whether you are seeking financial advice, health advice, or the right dress for an occasion, a few carefully selected keyword searches will help you find what you are looking for. The internet is only a means of spreading information. The information that is shown has to come from someone. This is the reason why people write articles online.

By writing articles you can inform as well as educate the public about what you are offering them. Hence, it is an effective marketing tool. For example, a teacher may write articles online in order to provide educational material and guidance to students. Similarly, a doctor who specializes in a particular medical field may write articles online in order to give advice and information to patients and general public. In addition to information, an article can lead the potential customer to the website of the business where the product or service is being offered.

Businesses that engage in e-commerce activities can benefit a lot by hiring writers to write articles about their products and services. They can either hire an in-house writer or they can outsource this function to a digital marketing agency. If you have well-placed links within an article, the reader may visit those links out of curiosity or excitement. Since the article is related to the product or service that a business is offering, the article would direct traffic of potential customers towards your site. Readers who are attracted or impressed by an article may share it with others in their social circle. Hence, the greater an audience reading an article, the more traffic you will have on your website and consequently, you will have more chances you have of making a sale and building a customer base.

In case you do not have the time or ability to write articles to attract the readers to your site. Writers-for-hire are available. A simple search will lead you to a pool of writers and ghostwriters, who are willing to sell the rights of their articles to businesses.By availing their services you can use their articles to promote your business. Thus, if an individual has a product or service to promote, or an important message to share, then an effective tool for increasing readers and web traffic is writing articles or hiring someone to write them.

Here are some things to remember when writing an article to promote your business:

Keyword research:

Finding the right keywords is a crucial part of digital marketing. By carefully placing keywords in an article, you can attract a lot of traffic. Since achieving a high search engine ranking is a key objective of digital marketing, placing the right keywords in your articles will improve your search engine ranking. Pay attention to the title of the article, the first sentence and last sentence of the article. An optimized article should contain keywords in these three places. Skim through the middle part of an article and look for phrases that are being repeated or do not relate to the subject matter or title of the article. Any repetitions or irrelevant content should be avoided. A well keyword researched article should contain main or closely related keywords in the title, as well as the first and last paragraphs of the article. There are various keyword research tools that can be used to target the right keywords, such as Google Trends, Market Samurai, and SEMrush.

Length of the article:

The ideal length of an article for SEO purposes is 1200 to 1800 words.  You should pay attention to the word count due to the fact that only webpages of a certain length are ranked by google. However, if an article if too long, it may drift off topic and become irrelevant. An article should be comprehensive and relevant for readers, so it does not consume too much of their time and at the same time it has enough knowledge and information to keep them occupied. Word count on its own does not give high ranking to your site, but it works together with the quality of the content to achieve high search engine ranking. Thus, if your content quality is high, then even with less word count you will achieve a higher search engine ranking.

Correct English:

When writing articles, make sure that you use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Incorrect English would leave a bad impression on the reader, and they may not even read the whole article as they will lose interest. On the other hand, if the English is correct and the article is well structured and persuasive, then you will have the reader’s attention. Consequently, business promotion will be more effective, and there will be higher chances of convincing the buyer to make a purchase. Also, you should make the article interesting to grip the reader’s attention. If the article is dry and lifeless, then nobody’s going to read it.


Adding images to an article will make it visually appealing and more attractive for the readers. However, do not use too many images or high-resolution images in your article. You can place an image of the product or company that you are promoting. Make sure that the image used is relevant for the article; otherwise, it will confuse the reader. Also, make sure that the image is not protected by copyright and that you have permission to use it. Violations of copyright laws can result in your site being taken down and the risk of being sued.


Plagiarism has been defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica as “the act of taking the writings of another person and passing them off as one’s own.”2 It is an act of forgery, piracy, and fraud and is stated to be a serious academic crime. 3Therefore, if you use the work of another person, you should always give them credit by quoting your source either in the reference list or in an in-text citation. Alternatively, you may take an idea from another’s writings and write about it in your own words. This is known as copywriting, where you take inspiration from someone’s writings and then build upon them in your own words. However, before submitting or posting your article online, make sure to use a plagiarism checker.


We have highlighted the main benefits of writing articles to promote your business. Not only will an article give in-depth information about a product or service, but it will also help the readers weigh their costs and benefits. If you are looking for experienced writers to promote your business, you can avail yourself of the article writing services of Optimal Creations. In addition to fresh and original content, Optimal Creations will provide high-quality, SEO-optimized articles that will target quality traffic. It will not only be effective for marketing purposes but also be more cost-effective than traditional marketing techniques. Optimal Creations is a well-known name in the digital marketing industry in Pakistan, and they have experienced writers who have written content for different industries and niches. They can write articles that are articulate and persuasive enough to make your business the talk of the town.